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Saved X Witch Testimony

Here is an excellent testimony from a former Witch Visit the Website... read more

More Truth about Witchcraft (Wicca)

Satan’s hoofprints are all over Wicca! Excerpted from Wicca, by William Schnoebelen ©1990 by William Schnoebelen. Reproduced by permission Even in the lower levels of Wicca, the doctrines of Satan begin to creep in. For our rite (the Alexandrian), the sign of Second Grade is the inverted pentagram drawn on the body. This symbolizes the bottom... read more

Truth About Wicca (Witchcraft)

ADLER — THE RELIGION OF WICCA Another source of neopolytheism is the neopagan revival of the religion of Wicca. This movement, popularly known as witchcraft, has a significant overlap with the feminist movement. They too have a deep-seated abhorrence of monotheism. National Public Radio reporter and feminist witch Margot Adler expresses this view in her ... read more

Truth About Cults and Christian Churches

Cults and Christian Churches What are some ways to tell the difference between a cult and a legitimate Christian church? Some simple criteria are listed below for examining a group’s beliefs, attitudes, and actions. CRITERION ONE: Rejection of the doctrine that has been passed down from the beginning through the apostles and the inspired authors of Scripture ( 2 Timothy 1:13-14 ; ... read more