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Truth About Jehovah’s Witnesses and Jesus

The Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that Jesus is a created thing and is not worthy of worship. Christians counter that Jesus is worshipped in the New Testament and cite verses such as Matt. 2:2,11; 14:33; 28:9; John 9:35-38;and Heb. 1:6. The Witnesses acknowledge that at times people bowed down before Jesus the same way they would to God the ... read more

Truth About Jehovah’s Witnesses

Is the Jehovah’s Witness religion Christian? The answer to the question is, “No. It is not Christian.” Like all non-Christian cults, the Jehovah’s Witness organization distorts the essential doctrines of Christianity. It denies the deity of Christ, His physical resurrection, and salvation by grace.  This alone makes ... read more

Truth About Cults and Christian Churches

Cults and Christian Churches What are some ways to tell the difference between a cult and a legitimate Christian church? Some simple criteria are listed below for examining a group’s beliefs, attitudes, and actions. CRITERION ONE: Rejection of the doctrine that has been passed down from the beginning through the apostles and the inspired authors of Scripture ( 2 Timothy 1:13-14 ; ... read more