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Truth About Cults and Christian Churches

Cults and Christian Churches What are some ways to tell the difference between a cult and a legitimate Christian church? Some simple criteria are listed below for examining a group’s beliefs, attitudes, and actions. CRITERION ONE: Rejection of the doctrine that has been passed down from the beginning through the apostles and the inspired authors of Scripture ( 2 Timothy 1:13-14 ; ... read more

Truth About Goddesses

I was a goddess-worshipping witch. Excerpted from Wicca, by William Schnoebelen ©1990 by William Schnoebelen. Reproduced by permission I was a witch. I was a sold-out, goddess-worshipping witch. When my “lady” and I chipped the ice out of a stream in the middle of Iowa wilderness to bathe and then celebrate the March equinox naked under the ... read more