Resources of
Life and Truth:


Our friends in revealing the

Christian apologetics organization
whose purpose is to equip Christians with good information on
doctrine, various religious groups (Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses,
etc.), cults, Evolution, New Age, and related subjects.

Answers to Questions About
Who Jesus Is

Papers and Articles From School Faculty and Students

Many Resources From A Variety of Categories

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries – stirring the imagination
and impelling the mind to see the beauty and credibility of the
Gospel of Jesus Christ

Daily Bible Study Broadcasts
Many Bible Study Resources

Commercial Free
Listen Online
Worldwide Broadcast
6 Languages

Bible Teaching with
Dr. Woodroll Kroll
Daily Broadcasts

Daily Bible devotional. It involves a
short story and related Bible verses to help you apply scripture to
your daily life.

Dedicated to the daily walk of  listeners and viewers by providing
Bible study resources to help them grow spiritually.

The Bible teaching ministry of author,
teacher, and beloved Christian brother, Charles Swindoll.

Reaching Youth With The Gospel of Christ
with Dr. Joe Jordon

Unshackled Radio Program
True Life Christian Stories
Over 50 Years Broadcasting


Marriage Crisis Ministries

Theological Marriage Restoration
Marriage Crisis Ministries

Faith Of Choice - A Comparison of World Religions

World Religions

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